Everything you need in one place to manage your PCOS.

We're making it easier for menstruating people to manage their complex chronic conditions, starting with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

The Pollie PCOS Program is designed to streamline your PCOS care, from curated labs to personalized symptom management strategies.

Programs designed to personalize your PCOS care.

Dedicated care team of PCOS specialists

You'll work with a care coordinator to help you navigate the program, a PCOS health coach for daily support, and a functional nutritionist to unpack your labs, explain your symptoms, and develop your PCOS Plan.

Variety of insightful lab options

Our in-house medical advisory board of PCOS specialists has developed 3 pre-set lab tiers of varying price points and detail. We can also work with you and your physician to share recently-drawn labs.

Personalized PCOS Plan

Our functional nutritionist will develop your PCOS Plan based on your goals, lifestyle, labs, and symptoms. Our care coordinators and health coaches will help you execute on this plan throughout the program.

Tailored educational resources

Half the battle with PCOS is understanding the “why” behind your symptoms. Our educational resources take your specific symptoms, triggers, goals, and life stage into consideration to help you take control of your PCOS through education.

How it works

Join the program and meet your dedicated care team

Share your symptoms, preferences, goals, and life stage so that our team can provide the most personalized experience for you. Meet your care coordinator, functional nutritionist and certified health coach who will be supporting you on your PCOS journey.

Get new labs through Pollie or share recent results

Head to a lab facility near you if you opt into one of Pollie’s lab packages; otherwise, we can work with you and your doctor if you prefer to use previously-drawn markers.

Complete your first nutritionist consult and get your PCOS plan

Discuss your lab results with our functional nutritionist for a greater understanding of what is triggering your symptoms and get your personalized PCOS Plan with diet, lifestyle, and supplement guidance.

Be on your way to sustainable PCOS management

Unlimited chat support from your health coach and care coordinator to help guide you through your PCOS Plan and and curated articles to help you master your understanding of PCOS based on your life stage, symptoms, and goals.

How we are different

Pollie PCOS
PCOS care
Ongoing support between visits
PCOS-specialized nutritionists and health coaches
Multidisciplinary care team in one place, available every day
Personalized symptom tracking
Accessible educational resources to empower you with knowledge

Why Pollie?

Spend less money, reduce long-term health risks

Did you know that the average person with PCOS spends over $2,000 per year to manage their symptoms? Pollie's PCOS Program is only $89.99 per month, and over time our goal is to help you learn how to manage your symptoms in a way that is sustainable for your preferences and lifestyle. Investing in your health today can help drastically reduce the long-term risks of PCOS such as diabetes, heart disease, infertility, mental health issues, and more.

Personalize your PCOS care - because you are unique!

PCOS is a chronic condition that requires lifelong management. But, symptom management does not look the same throughout the years. That’s where Pollie’s goals and life stage-based approach comes in: we are passionate about helping you develop a symptom management protocol that fits their preferences, because that is how lasting changes are made.

Save valuable time searching for answers

In our survey of 150 people, we learned that getting a PCOS diagnosis takes an average of over 3 years. And this is just step 1 of your journey: once diagnosed, finding specialists and learning how to manage your symptoms can quickly become a part-time job. Pollie's PCOS Program brings your care team into one spot and provides a streamlined way of managing your symptoms, which means faster results and less time spent Dr. Google.  

Trust your care team with evidence-based recommendations

PCOS is a complicated condition and it can be difficult to find specialists who can give you the proper support. Our nutritionists and health coaches all have extensive experience working with PCOS clients and are excited to help guide you on your journey.

Our members report positive results

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symptom improvement within 8 weeks
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What Pollie members are saying

This program has been a real game changer for me...I feel better than I have in years."

Pollie member

“It was great to have actionable advice on how to manage my PCOS, based on my specific needs. Sifting through information online can be difficult. I also like being able to connect with my health coach and get feedback that kept building on what we started.”

Pollie member

"I've recommended this to many women that have PCOS and just having the moods stabilized and insomnia reduced is...well, there are no words. It makes the burden that PCOS can be feel lighter."

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