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Pollie's app is designed to help patients manage a range of complex female health issues through daily evidence-based dietitian, coaching, and lifestyle support.

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Pollie is designed to be complementary to the care you provide your patients. We handle their day-to-day support so that you don't have to.

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More regular ovulation & improved fertility

Whether a patient is actively trying to conceive or optimize their future fertility, research shows our interventions can improve ovulation, regulate menstrual cycles, and optimize overall reproductive health

Improved insulin sensitivity & metabolic profile

Pollie care teams are trained in a variety of evidence-backed nutrition and lifestyle approaches to managing blood sugar, reversing insulin resistance, and decreasing risk of developing (or even reversing) diabetes

Improved cardiovascular health

Improved lipid profiles, lower blood pressure, heightened fitness, and decreased inflammation are all outcomes seen from Pollie's nutrition, exercise, stress management interventions

Better mood, quality of life, and mental health

Chronic symptoms and complex conditions have been shown to negatively impact mental health and quality of life; Pollie members report feeling more empowered, energized, and empowered after participating in our memberships

Our members love us

of Pollie members report
symptom improvement within 8 weeks
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Pollie is an affordable way to access resources to manage your PCOS that are truly individualized to you. It’s perfect for maintaining your health. Having a team that knows you, can make recommendations, and help you along the way helps to keep you accountable and motivated. Without Pollie, I would be in another massive backslide still.
- Joanna F.

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