Joanna found realistic ways to manage her PCOS symptoms with the help of Pollie's care team

With the support of her care team, Joanna found individualized management strategies for her PCOS that align with her lifestyle.

Say hi to one of Pollie’s members, Joanna! Joanna struggled with finding sustainable and realistic ways to manage her PCOS, especially when it came to her cravings and energy levels. Working with personalized recommendations provided by Pollie’s care team, Joanna feels she is able to make lifestyle adjustments that feel authentic and effective for her daily routine. Keep reading to learn more about Joanna’s journey.

What was your PCOS diagnosis and journey like?

I got to the point in my life where I could barely get myself out of bed. A short walk would exhaust me, and I lost my period for 4 months. I always had super heavy and long periods with a lot of PMS symptoms and while birth control tampered those down for a while, everything got worse once I got off birth control. 

I immediately gained weight, had no energy, and irregular periods. I decided to reach out to a diagnostic nutritionist and we started working together. She recommended I go to an OBGYN for the amenorrhea and I was finally diagnosed with PCOS, but I wasn’t offered any solutions that didn’t involve medication. I then switched doctors and continued to work with FDNs, which eventually got too expensive. Thankfully, Pollie came along (or should I say Along Came Pollie?)

How did you manage your PCOS before Pollie? What symptoms did you struggle with the most?

When I was working with FDNs, everything was great, but the results weren’t sustained. The hardest thing for me to manage was the cravings and energy levels. The afternoon slump was AWFUL (literally needed naps at work!) and I always craved sugary sweets.

What has been the most helpful part of Pollie’s PCOS Program for you?

Pollie has helped with realistic options for managing my PCOS. Instead of “you must be gluten free dairy free low carb and only go on walks,” the care team took the time to listen to my current lifestyle and make realistic recommendations. 

I still get to kickbox, carbs are encouraged, and gluten and dairy are IN, as long as they don’t cause inflammation! I especially enjoy the HAES (Health at Every Size) lens. While I have lost weight, that’s not the focus, which takes A LOT of pressure off. My last menstrual cycle I’m happy to report I had ZERO PMS symptoms! AND they take labs - They test, don’t guess (something my first OBGYN didn’t even do!).

How has Pollie changed how you manage your PCOS? 

Pollie is an affordable way to access resources to manage your PCOS and they are truly individualized to and for you. It’s perfect for maintaining your health. Having a team that knows you and can make recommendations while supporting you along the way helps keep you accountable and motivated. Without Pollie, I would still be in another massive backslide.

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